Saturday, November 19


You know those days where you feel like just staying in bed all day?  Yup, today was one of those days.  It's been cold and getting colder all day long until this.............

I love snow but it just made me want to snuggle under blankets and sleep.  😴  I did that for a while and then I couldn't do it any longer.  So I got up and decided to play with some dark and moody photos to match the day.

I have a table which sits next to a south facing window and the light was very very low (obviously).  I felt a candle would be appropriate.  To set this up, I have several black canvases from Michaels which I set one behind for the background and one to the right to block some of the available light.  I pulled the candle right to the edge of the light so that just a portion would be in the shadows.  My camera settings were ISO 800, 1/125 @ f 3.2.  I have a Nikon D90 which does fairly well in low light situations but I don't like to push it past ISO 800 or I end up with just too much noise.

I decided to move in closer.  I actually love extreme close-ups.

I have tried for quite a while now to capture smoke or steam and it's not worked out well.  *grins*  As I was taking out the camera card and blowing out the candle I glanced up and the way the smoke was curling in the light was amazing.  I hurriedly relit the candle and replaced the card in the camera.  I tried several shots and this was the best.  Settings were ISO 800 with 1/80 @ f 3.2.

I was quite pleased with it.

Well that was my day *grins*.  Hope yours was more exciting!

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Thursday, November 17

Little Mid-Morning Snack

Hello everyone.  I absolutely LOVE these little donuts.  They are the perfect size for a little mid-morning snack....well actually an anytime snack.   But I had them at mid-morning.

And of course, why bother making tea and having a snack if you don't intend to photograph them first?  *grins*.

I got this wonderful mug here at Anthropologie.  It's gorgeous and the perfect size. The colors are so vibrant!

The linen napkin came from Crate and Barrel.

It was a cloudy day and the light was rather flat.  On this last shot I wish I had closed down the aperture so that the donuts were in focus also.  *shrugs*  Next time!

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Sunday, October 30


This is the time of year we begin to reflect on all the things in our lives we are thankful for. I have a ton to be thankful for but this year my health is number 1 on that list.  The last two months have been rough.  It is amazing to me what medications can do, and how badly they can affect you.  I've had three pretty bad reactions to medication....the last one landing me in the hospital.  My face was swollen to the point that it was painful.  There wasn't  a part of my face not swollen and it was difficult to talk.  After several injections the swelling finally stopped.  However, it was 5 days before I actually looked normal again.  In September I had a reaction which caused extreme leg pain and shortness of breath.  Needless to say I'm  ready to say NO to meds altogether.  I have a wonderful new doctor who I am very comfortable with and trust him and his staff.  I'm  feeling much better and actually ready to get back into my photography.  

The current Studio Story from Kim is the Line Up.  It was fun to explore the possibilities with this one.  I stayed "small" this week and these are what I ended up with.

Then I played a little more and had some fun.

It's good to be back and I hope each and everyone of you have a TON to be thankful for!  I'd love to hear from you.

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Friday, September 2

Free Fall Wall Art

Hey everyone!  I have this super cute art that I made for myself and I just had to share because..................well just because!

It comes in 16 x 20 but can easily be sized down to 8 x 10. 

I hope you love it!  If you use it, feel free to tag me on instagram (@pdcreations).  Also, if you love it, please visit my Etsy Shop for others.

This print and design is for personal use only.  Thanks!

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Tuesday, August 30

Inspirational Art

I've been playing around with some inspirational art to sell in my Etsy Shop.  I've decided since I'm starting out with this new venture, I want to give away one of the pieces I've created. I adore this saying and I believe it with all of my heart.

If you would like a free 16 x 20 copy of this art, please click on the picture below to download.

Here are some of the others I've created:

If you like my art, please visit my Etsy Shop.


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