Sunday, July 19

Our "Jambo" Party

Every year for Jamboree in the Hills, we have our very own concert at Penny's house. The TV goes out in the yard, the stereo speakers out on the porch (because they sound WAY better than the TV speakers) and we build a fire. This year was no exception. We had a blast. The day started out rather noisy with both the little ones apparently in on of "those" moods! We fixed dinner and everyone ate and we played with the kids for a while.

After a little while the parents took the babes home for baths and bed and the grandmas and great-grandma and great-aunt's party began *wink* I have no photos of the "adult" party because I can't shoot and participate at the same time....and as much as i love shooting, participating was way more fun LOL. The weather was very chilly so we still needed sweats around the fire but Toby Keith was so awesome! He was singing just for us :)...........oh and the Calypso Coolers were devine ;)

Of course, it all begins with Mom

The always have so much to talk about *winks*

Both of them love to pose for me.....

get dirty..............
and ride their bikes!

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