Saturday, February 6

Blizzard of 2010

Lord I'm tired of snow LOL. We've lucked out lately in the snow department. Well, we weren't quite so lucky this weekend.

This was the beginning, about noon on Friday.

This was about 3 hours later. They were predicting 8 - 16 inches and I thought maybe we were gonna get missed again.

Well, I stopped looking out the window because it wasn't snowing much and I figured that the news media just overreacted once again. I went to bed and when I got up at 8:00 am, imagine my chagrin when i looked out the window *grins*

Later, I heard the neighbors out shoveling so I decided to join them. Thank God I have a snow blower AND a neighbor who knows how to use it. I can't even start the dang thing LOL Anyways, here are a few shots While I was out...

This is my favorite picture.....after the storm is all over and the shoveling is done.....the sun came out and was glorious!

Thanks for visiting and I hope everyone stays warm and safe! Pin It

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