Saturday, April 10

Nichole Van's Awesome Actions

When I first began learning photoshop I was blown away by actions. One day I stumbled upon Nichole Van's site and it was the best day! I purchased Nichole's actions and textures....of course then I had to have the presets, and it goes on and on *grins*. I absolutely LOVE Nichole's style and her actions and textures are fantastic. There is such a variety...color and white...vintage. Like I said, AWESOME.

Here is just one example of her actions...this is one of my favorite pictures of my grandson. The SOOC shot is not that great, but with Nichole's actions (light B&W with a chocolate tint, and the fake tilt shift with texture) I changed the entire mood of the photo.

Please visit Nichole's blog for examples of her incredible work and her store to purchase her "stuff". Pin It

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