Sunday, May 30


Becky Earl has been a photography inspiration of mine for quite a while now.  Her photography is so emotional and just downright gorgeous!  I have been stalking her blog for so long that I feel like I know her.  Of course, it could be that that is exactly how she makes readers she's talking right to you.

As I sat here this weekend feeling sorry for myself and throwing my own pity-party I was surfing and found this entry by Becky.  As I read this, I sat here with tears in my eyes and feeling shame.  It is amazing how someone else's accomplishment can put your own life into perspective for you.  Please take the time to visit Becky's blog (  and read her story.

Becky, thank you for helping this grandma to see things differently and realize that I am the only one who can do what needs to be done to change things.  I am considering today the first day of the "best" of my life.  I only need to please ME and make sure that I am proud of myself....everything else will fall into place.  You truly are an inspiration even though we have never met.  Thank you. Pin It

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