Monday, May 17


I just got home from the most wonderful vacation!  My mom and sisters and I rented a cabin the the Smokies in Tennessee.  It was absolutely WONDERFUL!

We made a stop in Princeton, WV to visit our cousin Mike.  We made a trip over to Pipestem State Park where it is gorgeous for sure.

Then we drove to our cabin in Sevierville, TN.  It was just wonderful.  We had a jukebox and pool table.  It was very comfy.

We were there for four days.  We attended a show at the Dixie Stampede which was great.  The show was fantastic and the dinner was awesome.  The first time in my life I was served dinner without utensils.  We ate with our fingers *grins*.    We walked on a trail.....

Took a drive up into the mountains.  Oh my gosh the views were just breathtaking. 

We visited a really cool aquarium.  This catfish was about 4 ft long.

This tank was full of tropical fish.  When the diver went in to feed them, they all swarmed around her.
And the sharks were just fascinating.  Their "faces" cracked me up.  They are definitely beautiful creatures.
And then there were the stingrays.  Impressive and funny at the same time.  They are definitely huge but they were so funny when they came over to the glass and slid down it.  Surely did entertain us anyways  LOL

All in all it was a fabulous vacation.  Lots of R & R, laughs and fun.  I look forward to doing it again!  Thanks to both my sisters and Mom for making it a great time.
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