Sunday, June 13

Having Faith

I think having faith is the MOST important thing a person has going for them. Sometimes your faith is tested in ways you can't understand...sickness, loss, misfortune. But with faith you can overcome these tests. The next few weeks are going to be very trying times but I have faith that this too will turn out the way it should.

Landon spent the night with me last night. I can not say with words how much I love this little guy. Just the thought of him brings a smile to my lips and a lightness to my heart. My time with him is always special and he never fails to make me laugh. Thank you God for blessing me with this special little angel :)

This morning we did the thing he likes to do the most....watched Sponge Bob *grins* I love how much excitement he has and the expressions on his face crack me up. He's seen these so many times he probably knows them all by heart but we still watch them. And he still laughs with as much enthusiam as if it's the first time he's seen it LOL

♥ his morning hair *grins*

I ♥ you buddy! Pin It

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