Monday, March 14

Ms. Savannah's 5th Birthday

We have been trying for several weeks to get together for Ms. Savannah's birthday. We finally made it Sunday. It was great to spend time with the's been a while and I've missed them.

Missy had a good time.....we opened presents and had cake and ice cream...well ok cupcakes but they loved it.

The kids had a great time playing.....the best part was sliding down the steps on their butts   *grins*    Landon has definitely missed Savannah too....he's been asking for her for week now  LOL

Baby brother had a good time too.  This little bouncer has definitely been worth it....all of the kids loved it at one time or another.

Each of these children have the most amazing eyes.......and baby Bryson is no exception.  His eyes are huge and so blue!

It was a really nice day and I certainly hope it's not as long between visits again.  The kids grow way too fast anyways.  When you don't see them for a bit they are like different kids *grins*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS SAVANNAH!  I hope it was a good one. Pin It

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