Sunday, March 20

Nice Day Today

It was a gorgeous day today......warm and sunny.  I was thrilled to be able to sit out and soak up the sun.  I've been sick for so long I had forgotten what it was like to actually feel GOOD!  My buddy came up for a bit and he was delighted to play outside......

And of course he had to ride his scooter..................

I have this metal lawn art....chickens and several other things....he LOVES them!  He as talking to this guy today and singing with him  LOL

It started to cloud up so we went in to watch some TV....of course the only thing he wanted to see was Sponge Bob.  *grins*    We watched for a bit and we played for a bit....then he wanted some ogrit (yogurt for those of you who don't speak 4 year old  LOL)  After that he laid on the floor and watched while eating a rice crispie treat.

It was an absolutely wonderful day all the way around.  I got some Landon time and some sunshine.  I think I'm ready to face another week at work   *grins*

Happy spring everyone! Pin It

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