Tuesday, May 31

Memorial Day

What an absolutely beautiful day.....well, I could have done without the heat but the sun was out all day and that was a plus.  Especially after all the clean up we did in the basement  *grins*   I got to spend the day with 2 of my favorite little people....Savannah and Bryson (better known as Baby B)  lol!

We had a delicious dinner (thanks to Pen) and refreshing drinks (thanks to Bren) and a lot of laughs thanks to the kids.

The kids did a little swimming.....

Baby B went for a walk on the path..........

Katie didn't win cornhole   *grins*  ...............

And Savannah did a little posing for me   *grins*.   I LOVE her!

I hope everyone has a good a day as mine.  I love spending time with the family. Pin It


  1. So fun! I hear ya' on the heat! The pool shots look so refreshing!

  2. what a great poser she is! looks like fun! great pictures


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