Tuesday, December 27

Our Christmas, 2011 | Wheeling, WV Portrait Photographer

This was an extremely good Christmas this year.  We got to spend time with family, play with the kiddos and have a wonderful meal prepared by Mom.  She is such a good cook!  The only down note was that sister Betsy was missing.....and we DID miss her a lot!  Maybe next year we can ALL be together!

This was my house before the excitement began.  It didn't stay pretty for long  *grins*

Landon and Bre came up and the chaos began.  I LOVE Christmas though.....love to see the expressions on the kids' faces and the sheer joy in their hearts!  Landon has become a fan of Captain Jack Sparrow this year so Santa brought him some pirate stuff.....and he wanted a shark air swimmer (which is bigger than he is....in fact i think it's bigger than their apartment LOL)

He also played Santa for mommy and gave her presents to her (he's a lot stronger than he looks because I could barely carry this dumb box  *grins*.  Then he wanted to get his picture taken with mommy.  The cutest thing was at the end he told her "now let's pretend we're getting married and we can kiss" and he gave her a big kiss.....i was laughing so hard....................

Then we headed to Grandma Betty's for the afternoon....and some real chaos   LOL.  Our family is definitely overwhelming!  First we had an absolutely delicious meal with Grandma...I swear she doesn't look OR act 81!

Then it was time for presents..........the little ones were absolutely adorable and you can see by the expressions on the faces that it was all worth it!

This little guy is rotten ornery and so darn adorable!

Such determination.....they played for hours   *grins*

and Landon NEVER gives up....i ♥ him.

Bre had to fill Matt in on what he missed.  He had to work, but got to join us later. 

As I said, it was a fabulous Christmas this year.  I am so blessed with my family.  I couldn't ask for more!

Happy New Year to everyone! Pin It

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