Monday, February 13

Embracing Low Light | Wheeling, WV Photographer

Hello again!  It seems like forever since I've blogged.  After the holidays I ended up getting an upper respiratory infection which lasted WAY too long.  I finally feel human again, and was able to have my buddy spend some time with me.  It was evening and the only light was my reading lamp.  He was very busy cutting out "things" to put on his "fishing pole"  *grins*  I absolutely LOVE his imagination.

and HOW stinkin cute is he when he poses for me?  LOL  He was getting ready to cast out  :)

Here we were visiting Grandma Betty and he was showing me his Star Wars moves (fighting with his light saber)...

Can you see why I can't resist him?  How rotten ornery cute is he??????

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I'll be back soon but until then....enjoy and stay safe! Pin It

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