Tuesday, March 20

Aahhh....Summer | Wheeling, WV Portrait Photographer

Yesterday was the absolute most beautiful day all year!  It was warm, sunny and just gorgeous.  Landon and I decided to sit outside for a bit after dinner.  First we started out just sitting and talking about school and playing soccer......

Then he spied Cheryl's play gym next door and he wondered if this year would be the year he could reach the rings without help......

Then watched a couple airplanes flying over and he couldn't contain himself any longer.....he was running and jumping all over the place with the sheer joy of being outside!  *grins*

Then he informed me that we had to go back in the house because he was all sweaty and he was SURE Sponge Bob was on "on command" SOMEWHERE!  LOL

Enjoy this beautiful weather wherever you are!  Happy Spring!

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  1. These photographs are crystal clear. Nice work! Wheeling, WV is a nice place. My grandparents grew up there.


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