Sunday, September 30

Some Family Time | Wheeling, WV Photographer

I've been so busy at work, then wasn't feeling well, then spent an awesome week with my sister from Arizona!  I'm so bad because we didn't even take many pictures while she was here.  But we had a wonderful time (played games and acted silly)... and that's all that counts.

We did get to celebrate Betsy's birthday with her for the first time in many years!  It was fun.

Did manage to snap this one of Miss S.  She's going thru that stage where she's shy and doesn't want her picture taken so I have to be happy with what I get *grins*.  Hopefully that stage will pass quickly because I love photographing her.  I wasn't as lucky with the others  :(

Was very glad to get to spend time with Betsy.  Don't get to see her nearly enough!  Thanks for the laughs!  Hope to see you again really soon.  I love you!

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