Tuesday, April 2

CM Blog Circle - Perspectives

I belong to the most wonderful community called Clickin Moms.  It is a group of very talented ladies at all levels of photography who are most willing to share and help each other learn.  I joined in with the blog circle for 2013.  This month’s theme is interesting perspectives.

Art, as many things, is open to interpretation.  This month I chose perspective to mean from my viewpoint.  This is how I view nature’s beauty:

Thanks for visiting me and checking out my photography. Please continue through our circle to see more from other talented Clickin Moms, starting with ERICA.

Others in our circle are: Angie / Caristy / Gina / Courtney / MeganSarah / Ana / Jessica / Anne-Lise
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  1. These are beautiful Pam! I really like the textures you added to the flowers

  2. Beautiful! These would look amazing framed. I especially love the first two!

  3. Stunning pictures, Pam! They look like paintings!

  4. Lovely work Pam! These need to be printed on canvas and hung up! Beautiful!


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