Wednesday, May 1

April Blog Circle - Thru Glass

I belong to the most wonderful community called Clickin Moms.  It is a group of very talented ladies at all levels of photography who are most willing to share and help each other learn.  I joined in with the blog circle for 2013.  This month’s theme is Thru Glass.  This was a fun project for me.

I had fun with fruit and sparkling water in a glass  :)

This guy was making himself at home under the pine tree and I happened to catch him thru my kitchen window!

Landon making faces thru the shower door  *Grins*

An this one because I couldn't resist how the liquid in the bottle changed the lines on the box.

Thanks for visiting me and checking out my interpretation of thru glass.  Please continue through our circle to see more from other talented Clickin Moms, starting with ERICA.

Others in our circle are:

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  1. I love these, Pam! The pictures of the fruit in the class are amazing!

  2. I love the fruit shots and I'm glad you noticed the lines in the bottom on the last picture. Nice!

  3. The fruit and bubbles was such a great idea!! I love the one with the shower too.

  4. I love the seltzer water macro shots! I've been meaning to try that out one of these days.

  5. I love the fruit pictures! That was my goal for this month but time got away from me! :-) So creative with your pictures! I love that the deer was just laying down. :-) Wonderful job!!

  6. So bold and colorful. Great job on this month, Pam! I love how you took to the challenge and tried lots of different shots. My favorites are the fruit in soda water.

  7. Beautiful, fun and so colourful! Love! Great work!

  8. Love the refraction on that last one! Very fun collection :)

  9. I love the refraction you caught in that last one! You have a fun collection here :)


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