Monday, June 10

Finger Lakes Vacation

It's been a while!  I've been busy at work and then on vacation.....which was very much needed by us all!  We spent a really nice relaxing long weekend in the Finger Lakes region of New York.  What a beautiful area!  We visited a winery, a couple of breweries, had some mexican (translates to margaritas *grins*) and a TON of laughs!  It was a thoroughly enjoyable time.

The place we stayed at was simply gorgeous....these pictures do NOT do it justice.  There were amenites galore and they even left us snacks!

This was the view from the deck:

We made a visit to a brewery.  It was very interesting.  Here the girls are listening intently to the brewer explaining things....

Then trying out the brews.......

And flirting *grins*...

It was a very interesting place.  People purchased these jugs and that's how they got their beer.  When they wanted to buy more beer, they just brought the jug back and had it refilled  *grins*

There was a feeder on the deck and there were tons of birds visiting:

And chipmunks!  Katie made a friend....named him Alvin  *grins*  Brenda discovered that he liked cashews so we fed him daily (well ok, several times a day)!

We all had a wonderful time.  I so look forward to our little trips like this.  Relax, enjoy life and laugh!  We had tons of laughs.  In fact, my ribs are still a tad sore from all the laughing!  I love my family ♥ ♥ ♥ Pin It

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