Sunday, October 26

Mood and Light: Creating and Enhancing Emotion in Your Images

by Marissa Gifford
Clickin Moms interactive online learning on your own time

Before joining Clicking Moms, I took tons of photographs....shot in manual mode, with everyone centered and very flat light.  I love learning new things and Clickin Moms provides so many opportunities to do that.  There are 4 to 6 weeks workshops, breakout sessions, and even online mentoring with some very talented photographers.

I recently joined in a new e-learning breakout that was developed by Marissa Gifford.  Marissa really pushes you to look at your photos and the processing style you have chosen for that image.  It is very interesting to see how the processing changes the entire feel of an image.

Our first "mini assignment" was to pull together 15 - 20 of our favorite images and think about why they are our favorites and how the lighting and processing affects the image.  The following are my images that most interested me.  In most cases they are natural light.  I think I'm developing a love for moody, dramatic lighting.  It makes an image so much more interesting.

When I looked at the images I gathered for my "set", I was surprised to see that most of them had some type of directional, moody lighting.

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