Saturday, December 27

Christmas, 2014

From the perspective of my grandson's eyes, this must seem like a pretty lame Christmas.  We haven't even gotten to exchange gifts yet  :(.

A couple of days after Thanksgiving, Mom got sick and was taken to the hospital.  For a while we didn't know if she'd be home for Christmas or not.  Well, thank goodness, she did get to come home on Saturday before Christmas.  Bless my sisters Brenda and Penny for all they do for Mom.  Physically I'm not able to do much to help.  Brenda has been mom's angel  :)

So we threw together a make-shift Christmas Eve at Mom's.  It was lovely and I was just so thankful that I got to spend time with mom.  I felt kind of "off" most of the day and when I got home from Mom's I had a fever of 102.5 and the shakes.  I went to bed immediately and that's pretty much where I've been since then  :(     I still feel pretty crappy but atleast the fever has broken.  Now I'm just sneezing and coughing.

This is my tree and Landon's gifts waiting for him  *grins*

Landon's hat and beard were a hit.....Mom even went along with the fun  :)


The glasses from Googly Eyes was the biggest hit of the evening though  LOL

 I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas, Pin It

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