Saturday, December 6

Light Painting

I've been playing with a technique involving a dark room and a flashlight  *grins*.  It is called light painting.

The setup for these was my messy dark living room, a TV tray, my D90 and a flashlight.  I set the bowl on one end of the tray and the camera on the other.  Since it was a long-exposure photo I used the cable release rather than the shutter button.  My camera settings were ISO 100, shutter 8 seconds and aperture F11.  For this one I shined the flashlight directly above the bowl.  I added or took away light by how long I'd shine the light.

  These had the same settings but I waved the flashlight around behind the bowl.  I also got a little creative in photoshop by adding a gradient to the light.  This was done by adding a new layer and filling it with a gradient and changing it to the hue blending mode, then erasing it from the bowl.

These were done with the same method as above.

Again, I played with this one in photoshop adding color gradients.

Learning new things is always a fun adventure.  Thanks for looking and have a beautiful day  :)
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