Saturday, July 25

The Studio - Monochromatic

The Studio | Online
I am adoring the new prompt in the Studio....MONOCHROMATIC.  I never really thought about doing something like this before.  That is why I love belonging to this fabulous group of women!

Then I started adding a "tad" of color...not much but some.  I'm really enjoying just shooting what makes me smile right now.  There is too much pressure from life in general to add more onto yourself.  That is one of the main ideas behind Kim's classes....slow down, take time to breathe, do what makes YOU happy.

Then I tried a little different look...back to dark and moody *grins*   I think that might say something about me that I lean toward dark and moody but I don't think I'm willing to explore that just yet  LOL.  It also never ceases to amaze me that in broad daylight you can get such a moody looking image.  It's all in the camera settings!

Thanks so much for stopping by and spending a little time in my world.  Say hello!
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