Sunday, August 16

Still Sunday

I finally got into the "studio" room to take some stills.  I've gotten some new props and wanted to use them but just haven't had time.  Today was a good day....took several different styles.

First up was some books.  I've had these for quite a while and just never used them.  I make this backdrop from some old barn wood and I'm really liking it.

I liked the way this lantern worked in the last set so I tried it again.  Still liking it *grins*

Next up was some bakeware.  Several rolling pins and wooden spoons.  Again, I've had them for a bit but haven't used them.

Lastly I ended up with flowers.....imagine that *grins*. 

If you've made it thru all of this thanks!  Have a wonderful week everyone.  First day of school tomorrow!  Watch out for school buses  :) Pin It

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