Wednesday, October 21

Find, Forage, Create

The Studio | OnlineThe newest prompt in The Studio is "find, forage, create".  So I did a little foraging and this is what I created from it.  I have to say that I am loving still life photography, and I have found that I absolutely LOVE to shoot wide open and up close!  The possibilities with still life are endless.  I'm enjoying exploring some of those possibilities and creating new things.  It amazes me that with the proper settings on your camera, you can make broad daylight look like dusk or midnight.

This photo was taken at 11:00 am on a bright sunny day.  The camera settings were 1/320 of a second @ f/3.5 and ISO200.    I changed the settings slightly on the second shot (1/500 of a second @ f/1.8 and ISO200) but they look pretty much the same exposure.  They were processed in Lightroom with the kk_evening light preset from The Studio Collection by Kim Klassen.  The background is a black foamcore board.  These beautiful pumpkins I found here and here at amazon.

These next shots were taken at the same time on the same day with about the same settings (1/640 of a second at f/1.8 and ISO200) but the background was changed.  This background is a bunch of old reclaimed barnwood.  I also just changed my perspective and the focal point in each shot.

It is fun to experiment and see how many different looks you can get from basically the same set up.  It's also fun to change up the props a little.   In these shots I found the lovely rusty muffin tin here and pie pans here, as well as the primitive barn star here at Factory Direct.   These shots were also processed in Lightroom with the kk_rumpled preset with a few tweaks.

Take the time to forage and create.  Gives you a totally new outlook!

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  1. Nice shoot, Pam. You are very talented!

  2. So beautiful! Love all the Autumn love. Especially the ones in the tin. Love coming to visit.

  3. I need to try a black foam board background. You have created such lovely light with it and I absolutely love all your images!

  4. It is really neat to see how you changed your point of focus and got really different images each time. I am especially drawn to the close ups. I will have to try that tomorrow when I do my shoot.

  5. Love the composition in each and how changing your focus made such a dramatic difference. The first shot looks like a painting....


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