Wednesday, November 4


I discovered these cute little felted acorns at NatureKnit on Etsy and fell in love with them.

 I absolutely love shooting wide  open and up close, changing focus points as I go.  These were all shot at 1/250 of a second @ f/2.5 aperture and ISO 200.

Then, by adding a few other props, you can change the entire look without changing too much at all.  You can keep it really simple or you can fill up your space.  It all depends on your mood and the look you are going for.  Also, the processing can change the mood too.  These were all processed with kk_EveningLight from the Kim Klassen Studio Set which has fast become my favorite preset for my still life photos.

 My props included pine cones and leaves from my yard, The rusty bucket, the star, and the burlap ribbon are all from Factory Direct.

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