Sunday, January 17

Hello 2016

Well hello to 2016. It's a new year and it's a new beginning for me. I am hoping to make 2016 my best year yet and I'm doing it by getting healthy and staying healthy...both physically and mentally. I have developed such a habit of thinking that everything is my fault and that I should have done better. Well, that stops now. Just as I cannot take credit for others successes, I shouldn't take credit for failures either. Thus begins the "taking care of me" phase of my life.

 One way I am doing that is allowing myself time to photograph without the guilt. I always tell myself "I should be cleaning, or doing laundry or something constructive" rather than taking pictures. In the past I couldn't really fully enjoy photography, especially still life photography, because of the feelings of guilt. I've been doing a lot of thinking and I've realized that it's ok. The time I spend on photographing my pretties is time I allow myself to be free and not worry about anything...I am taking care of me!

In 2015, the best thing I did for myself was to join Kim Klassen's The Studio. I've made some friends and found some kindred spirits. I've learned a lot about still life photography and in 2016 I'm looking forward to learning a lot more.

This morning is a cold grey day.  We are expecting rain/snow later.  My beloved Steelers are playing in the playoffs this afternoon and I plan on snuggling under a blanket to watch the game.  BUT...this morning I took time to play with a new pretty I got this week.  I got these beautiful hydranges and the jug from Save-on-Crafts here and here,  The light is not very pretty but I worked with what I had.  I also lean toward dark and moody....

I am obsessed with up close and personal photography so every time I shoot, I make sure to get some extreme close-ups.  This is my favorite way to shoot.

Any Thoughts?

I'd love to hear any thoughts you may have.  How are you getting healthy in the new year?  I love and appreciate your comments and I read them all.

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  1. Pam, what a beautifully written post of thoughts about life, getting healthy in all ways, and enjoying life! I agree, it's so good to be free of guilt and "have to's", "should be's" etc. Close ups are also some of my very favorite ways to shoot...I love seeing the small details, and a peek at what normally isn't noticed with our regular vision. My macro lens is very often on my camera for taking stills, and for single portraits. So happy you have reached this phase and hope you enjoy your photography in 2016. LOVE your photos today!!

  2. Really enjoyed reading your authentic thoughts. Really lovely. I enjoy your photography. I am on the same track this year. So happy we met.

  3. Gosh Pam, you could have been reading my mind about feeling guilty ! Thank you for your thoughts. I love your photos, they are really beautiful !


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