Sunday, August 7

Note Cards

Hi again!  Personal handwritten notes grow rarer by the day.  In a world where people have everything, a handwritten note sealed with a stamp can be far more valuable than any material items.

When was the last time you sent someone a handwritten note?  Very few people take the time to express their feelings on paper.  It's time consuming and a little old-fashioned, and it requires a little vulnerability on your part.  Yet who doesn't long to receive a handwritten note in the mail.  There is no better feeling in the world than to know that someone is thinking about you and cares enough to let you know.

I am introducing my new Note Cards into my Etsy Shop.  The cards are 5.25 x 4.25 and come in sets of twelve (12) with white envelopes.   The inside is blank making them perfect for any occasion.

These cards make an excellent gift for friends, family....even yourself!  A great idea for thank yous, family notes or personal stationery.

There are art cards with lovely watercolor images:

There are personalized art cards with watercolor images:

And there are photo cards (all of the photos were taken and copyrighted by me):

Please come visit my shop and check out these cards.  I promise you won't be disappointed!

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  1. These are all very pretty Pamela!

  2. Very lovely cards, and your post is beautiful written! Hope your cards are a good sell!!


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