Sunday, March 12

Dying Cheesecloth

My friend Beverly Cazzell really started something when she asked Kim Klassen and Kyla Ferguson about some cheesecloth they had used in one of the photographs for The Studio.  Once the question was asked and the discussion that followed in our facebook group, I was hooked.  I HAD to have some colored cheesecloth.

Beverly dyed her cheesecloth of lovely shade of light and springy.  Once I saw her photos I was on a roll.  I bought some Dylon dye (available at Walmart, Michaels or Joann) and several packs of cheesecloth and away I went *grins*.

The Dylon dye was extremely easy to use and surprisingly not messy.  I used a glass bowl which I filled with hot water and added the dye.  I soaked the cheesecloth for about 10 minutes, rinsed and hung outside to dry.  It turned out so pretty.

I am going to also try my hand at dying this fabric with koolaid, tea, and maybe beet juice.  But that's for another day 😏

Now for some results:

The first one I did was this lovely shade of lavender (I used french lavender dylon hand fabric dye)

Next was this lovely yellow (sunflower yellow dylon).  It IS lovely but I used a little too much dye.  I was hoping for a much lighter shade of yellow.

Then I went for the pink (powder pink dylon).  It turned out exactly as I envisioned and I adore it.

Finally I did the blue (china blue dylon) and it, too, turned out exactly as I was hoping.

All in all, it was and interesting and fun afternoon.  As I said, the Dylon dye was so easy to use and no mess at all.  Also, I love the little extra "something" that the cheesecloth adds to a photograph.  Thanks so much to Beverly for the inspiration and push to do something creative.  I look forward to sharing my results of the next round.

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  1. Pam, you are simply amazing! All of your colors turned out so pretty, and soft. So far I've only done the two blue ones, but I sure love your french lavender and yes a soft yellow would be so pretty. The process of the Dylon is really so easy and no mess. You may be able to lighten the yellow by putting in in direct sunlight and see if it will fade out, or even put in a bath with oxyclean powder, just a small amount and watch it closely for pulling out some of the color. I sure enjoyed watching everyone chose their colors and dying their cheesecloth...and the results were all magical. Beautiful, beautiful photography!!


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